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pet portrait,

pet portrait

As a pet portrait artist, I work mainly using my own unconventional blend of oil paints (using a dry brush technique) and Prismacolor pencils. I find that the oils give a rich, smooth depth to my portraits, while the coloured pencils produce intricate details. The two mediums combined can give a truly photorealistic result. I was originally inspired to paint by my gorgeous little dog, Barley. She's a Lakeland Terrier and a very pretty one too! She features in a lot of my early pictures - how lucky I am to have such a photogenic dog as a muse! pet portrait, pet portrait

Size To fit standard frame size Approximate image size Single subject Each additional subject or background P&P to UK Mainland
5½" x 8¼" (140 x 210mm)
4¼" x 6½" (140 x 210mm)
11" x 14" (280 x 355mm)
7" x 10" (18 x 25mm)
plus 25% (+£86)
16" x 20" (406 x 508mm)
10" x 13" (260 x 330mm)
plus 25% (+£148)
24" x 32" (600 x 800mm)
14" X 21" (360 X 530 mm)
plus 25% (+£248)

Pet Portrait Prices

This is a general price guide for my portraits, but please bear in mind that every piece of artwork is different, depending on the subject, the amount of detail, the background etc., all these factors will reflect on how long it takes to complete the work. You can often take advantage of special offers and discounts when I'm exhibiting at events, so if possible, come and see me in person to book your commision, as I may have a promotion on. pet portrait, pet portraitabout

Deposits & Payments

To give you an idea of scale, A4 is a standard piece of computer paper. A5 is half the size of A4, A3 is double the size of A4, and A2 is double the size of A3. However, in reality I paint portraits in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so this really is just a guide. I will give you an exact price for your commission when you book.
A deposit of around 25% is required when you order. On completion of your portrait I will email you a scanned copy, and providing you are happy with it, you pay the final balance by credit/debit card, PayPal, BACs or cheque, and I will send you the original portrait by mail. Alternatively you can collect in person and pay cash.
Gift Vouchers are also available Contact me to find out more.
All payments can be made by credit/debit card, PayPal, Bacs, cheque or cash in person. Please contact me for delivery costs outside the UK.
Ordering Process

I work purely from your photos so there is no restriction on where you are located, as you can simply email or post me your photos. I am happy to undertake commissions from anywhere in the world, just email me for shipping charges. If you’re wondering what sort of photo would make the best portrait, below are some tips:

Quite simply, the better the quality of your photo, the better the resulting portrait. If little detail is visible on the photo, I can’t reproduce detail in the portrait. And the most successful portraits are those that show the fine details such as the lay of the fur, the angle of the whiskers, the textures of the coat, the glint in the eye etc.

I’ve got a great photo but there’s a snag…

So you’ve taken a brilliant picture of your dog posing perfectly, but there’s a problem with the shot? Red-eye? Your ex is holding the dog? Someone decided to do a moony in the background….? Don’t stress, all of those things can be changed when I draw the portrait. Even red-eye can be removed, just email me other photos that show the eye colour and I can draw them as they should be.

People and animal portraits are usually most successful when the original photo has captured the subject in a flattering pose. Sometimes this is when the subject is looking straight at the camera, or other times it may just be that the pose is appealing enough to draw your attention to the picture. For example, a dog looking in the other direction doesn’t make such an endearing portrait as one with its ears cocked, its eyes alert, and it’s gazing out at you from the page.

If, like me, you’ve striven to take a photo of a pet and never seemed to be able to capture a good image, then happily I can share some of the tips I’ve learned along the way. There’s an easy way to take photos of a child or pet; it involves teamwork, patience and a lot of treats!

You’ve seen how photographers take pics of babies when you get them done on the high street? Don’t lurk behind the camera lens waiting to get the shot, get someone else to operate the camera while you have a distraction like a toy or something squeeky to wave in EXACTLY the spot you want the child to look. Teamwork! Same thing with dogs! How do you suppose you get all those wonderful pictures of dogs behaving impeccably and looking like butter wouldn’t melt? Easy – one photographer and one person standing there with a toy or treat, coaxing it to do just what they want!

And what if you want more than one subject in one picture but can’t seem to get them all to cooporate at the same time? No problem! Just send the individual subjects in separate pictures and I can paint them all as a group portrait.

Your portrait will be supplied to you, where possible, with a pre-cut presentation mount. It will be packed flat between 2 pieces of card. Delivery charges are from £6.00 per portrait, for anywhere within Mainland UK. Please contact me for delivery charges to the rest of the world.

I prefer to take payment via PayPal or Bacs.

If you would like to book my services for digital artwork, Flash animation, illustration or graphic design, please email or ring me to discuss your requirements.

For individual hand painted commissions, please read the information below.