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Gluing, sticking and 'professional colouring in...'

About me .... In 2011 I packed in my 'real' job to embark (no pun intended) on a life as a pet portrait artist, or as a friend of mine so delightfully calls it - 'Professional Colouring In'.

About Sally
I've always been artistic but I haven't always known in which direction to take my creativity. So it was actually my little dog Barley who first inspired me to pick up a paintbrush and attempt to paint her portrait, after not having painted for some 20 years. After remembering that I could paint, I also turned my hand to a bit of gluing and sticking, and went on to develop all the other crazy, crafty and creative ideas in my head and start turning them into Actual. Bone-afide. Products. And hence, Wet Nosed Friends by Sally Grist Artwork was born.
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My Inspirations
I take my inspirations from the walks I take with Barley, out in the countryside or down by the shore. I'm passionate about natural materials, the textures in nature are stunning. Whether it’s pebbles on a beach, or bark ridges on an ancient tree trunk... I love to see the colours and feel the textures. Hence, so many of my designs feature natural pebbles and woodgrain. Coupled with my love of animals - and dogs in particular, I found my niche in creating nature-inspired crafts that were aimed at fellow pet-lovers. Funny, sincere, original, and all with a dash of irresistible wet-nosed charm. My aim is to make all my creations exquisitely different, beautifully designed, and handcrafted exclusively by me, right here in my 'Kraft Kennel' in the UK.
Where possible I use recycled timber off-cuts, paints with no harmful additives, and local businesses for all my supplies. The result is that my brand has a truly eco-friendly value and quirky appeal to fellow pet-parents the world over. These days having a full time job of ‘gluing, sticking and professional colouring-in', I consider myself very lucky that I can get up in the morning and think “Well it’s work, but it doesn’t feel like it”.
2019 Show diary
Want to look, touch and feel my products? I am hitting the road in 2019, visitng and displaying my doggy lover gifts at various dogs shows and craft exhibits.