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Sally Grist Artwork - About me

A little about the artist. It's nice to know who's behind your masterpiece...

In 1986 I was an awkward fifteen year old school girl. I didn’t like school much, and although I had just a small circle of friends, everyone knew me as ‘the girl who draws the pictures’. I had discovered by then, my knack for capturing likenesses and I started earning extra pocket money by doing portraits at school. And this is more or less, where my artwork began.

Other students would give me photos of their nieces and nephews, and would pay me to draw them the most beautiful pencil portraits. Life is full of twists and turns and in the years that proceeded I never went to art school, but meandered my way through a colourful network of career paths that included achieving an Hons degree in Science, driving a van delivering car parts, and window dressing. Happily my meandering also led me to do lots of design work as a self-taught illustrator/animator, and I was lucky enough to work for some great names such as The BBC, Chelsea Flower Show, Open University and countless design houses in London.

Sally Grist aged 15

Growing up with the family dog, 'Becky'

Sally Grist Diamond Leader

2010 I get a Diamond Leader award

Then in 2011 after 3 ½ years of inspiring a lot of people to lose weight, I woke up one morning and remembered what it is I do best; drawing portraits. And I knew it was time to become ‘the girl who draws the pictures’ again. My need to return to my roots was so strong that I handed in my notice to Weight Watchers there and then, and spent a fortune on art materials, ready to embrace my renewed life as an artist once more.

And these days I no longer have to draw for pocket money in my bedroom – I’m able to use only the best quality materials – PrismaColor Pencils and the finest paints and pastels that enable me to achieve the photo-realistic results that give my work the professional edge.

But it’s not just the tools that make the difference. I’ve now cast away the usual constraints of desk jobs and offices, and instead I can draw my subjects wherever and whenever I want. I take myself out to the places I love and set up my easel there. From the dappled sunlight of a woodland walk at Shorne Woods, to the rolling, flower-filled meadows of Capstone Country Park, I surround myself with the very things that move and inspire me.

And always with my dog, Barley, keeping me company. And it is this energy that’s injected into my artwork. I’m never happy with a portrait until I step back and say ‘wow’. In short, no commission leaves my hands until it has that ‘wow factor’.

So if you care enough to commission a portrait of a loved one, then please don’t hesitate to contact me to fulfil your requirements. I take so much pleasure from drawing the subjects that we hold so close to our hearts – our beloved pets, a bride on her wedding day, a family member on their birthday, and I’d love to draw for you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me today for any further details or information I can give you regarding your privately commissioned portrait by Sally Grist. I'm waiting to hear from you to help you give that perfect gift to a loved one.

Barley & Me

Me and Barley in the Great Outdoors

TEL: 07941 158596